Georgia D.

I have been using Fullerton pediatric dentistry for about 15 years now. I have seven children and they all love going to the dentist. When my oldest son was five we found he had a couple pretty bad cavities. Our family dentist was not comfortable working on a child that young so refused to do the work. I researched dentists and found Dr. Hong and his colleagues at Fullerton pediatric dentistry who were one of the few pediatric dentist offices that encouraged parents to be with their children so they felt secure while at the dentist. His bedside manner with the kids is fantastic and every time my kids need a filling he is so stealth about giving them the numbing shot that they don’t even know they get one. I Highly recommend this dentist office to anyone and everyone even if their children have had terrible experiences in the past the dentists at Fullerton pediatric dentistry will be able to turn that around.